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Dr. Cliff Straehley III is a Board Certified
psychiatrist, who graduated from Stanford Medical School in 1972.

Dr. Straehley previously specialized in emergency medicine for ten years. He then completed an adult psychiatry residency training program at UC Davis Med Center in 1988. He has a private practice in Fair Oaks, CA. where he treats adults by combining psychotherapy and medication management. He does not provide medication management alone. He also treats adults with substance abuse problems. See "psychotherapy" to learn more about his style of psychotherapy.

Dr. Straehley accepts some kinds of insurance, and he also treats on a cash basis. Please telephone for billing details and to discuss your treatment needs with him. Please see "contact information".
He also provides some medical legal psychiatric services. For example, he is a Q.M.E in the California Worker Compensation system. Please see "Medical legal Services" for more details.

This web site contains some brief essays which may be useful for you. They will also give you a sense of Dr. Straehley's philosophy about some mental health issues. Of course they cannot substitute for treatment associated with a one on one relationship.